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General Illness

If your child is suffering from one of the following: hay fever, colds, headaches, tiredness, sore throat, we would suggest administering some paracetamol, ibuprofen or allergy medication (suitable for the age of your child) first thing in the morning and then send them into school. 

Please inform the office or class teacher and we will closely monitor your child during the day.  If we have any concerns that their condition is getting worse, we will call you straight away.  With your written consent, we can also keep medication in school to support your child if any of these conditions occur on a regular basis. 

Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child is suffering from continuous sickness or diarrhoea, then of course we would expect them to stay at home until this has subsided for 48 hours. However, if the sickness is an isolated incident, it is unlikely to be contagious and we would recommend that your child comes into school. 


Children diagnosed with asthma must have a second inhaler that will be kept in school. Please also complete the School Asthma Card and provide your child’s Asthma Action Plan, if available.

We keep an emergency salbutamol inhaler in school in the event of a child displaying symptons of asthma and their inhaler is not available or is unusable.  Please complete the consent form below for your child to receive salbutamol from an emergency inhaler held by the school for such emergencies.


If your child has a confirmed allergy, please let the school know by completing the below form in addition to the Allergy Action Plan.





We keep an emergency adrenaline auto-injector device in school in the event the event of a child displaying signs of ANAPHYLAXIS and their own auto injector device is not available or is unusable.  Please complete the consent form below for your child to receive adrenaline from the emergency auto-injector device held by the school for such emergencies.

Medical Appointments

We ask that you make every effort to ensure that any medical or dental appointments are not made during school time. Where this is unavoidable, we request that parents and carers send pupils to school prior to appointments and return to school after. Please put this in writing to the school prior to the appointment and include the date and time. Please request when attending appointments an appointment card from the receptionist at the surgery as school will require this as proof of appointment upon your child’s return to school. Failing to provide this information may result in the absence being unauthorised. If arriving late for school following an appointment, please ensure that your child is accompanied and signed in by an adult at the school office for safeguarding reasons. School may request that medical evidence is provided to support absences.